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Killynure, Redhills, Cavan.

Our Services

regular office cleaning

1. Regular Office Cleaning


2. In-between Tenancy Cleaning Services


3. Business Detailed / Deep Cleaning


4. Kitchen Degreasing and Sanitizing

carpet cleaning

5. Carpet Cleaning

furniture cleaning

6. Furniture Cleaning

flooding and fire restoration

7. Fire & Flood Restoration

Painting touch-up

8. Painting & Stain Block

ozone treatment

9. Ozone Treatment

high rise pole window cleaning

10. High-Rise Pole Window Cleaning

wondow cleaning

11. Traditional Window Cleaning

contract cleaning

12. Contract Cleaning

mould / fungus cleaning

13. Mould / Fungus Treatment

pet and bad odour neutralization

14. Pet & Odour Neutralization

stainless steel cleaning and polishing

15. Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polishing